The internet is evolving constantly, new technologies come where other disappear. With our services you can guard youself against all questions and changes that you will have in future. You always will have a partner you can count on!

Web design and development

The appearance of your website determines the image of your company that visitors get when they visit your website. A good website design starts with making a thorough analysis of your business, your market, your customers and your competitors. In addition to the structure and function, it is very important that the look and appearance of your website match your business and how you present your company to the world.

As an organization you want to perform on the internet optimally. A good website is essential for this. With a good result oriented website you show a professional impression towards your current and potential customers, increase your sales and stay ahead of the competition. We select together with you the best web solution for your organization to achieve optimal results on the internet. Our team ensures that the design of your website always reflects the structure of your system, using the latest techniques.



Responsive design

The use of internet on mobile phones is increased explosively since the rise of smart phones. The number of users browsing the web from a mobile device continues to rise. With the tremendous increase in the number of mobile phone users accessing the internet on their handhelds, it is important for you to get a mobile version of your websites. By making your website mobile ready you reach your audience through this new channel and you can strengthen and expand your customer relationships.

We at Sayed Solutions offer mobile web design services to help you reach your target audience easily. With one website for desktop, tablet and smartphone. Achieved through the use of responsive web design.

Search Engine Optimization

We deliver websites as it should be, optimized for search engines. We also register your site with several Google services and give you personal advice how to be found on the internet. And using Google Analytics you can see how effective your site is!

Content and website management

You want your website well maintained but you don't have time for it? Or you are dependent on your site administrator that you are not happy about? For a small fee we maintian the website for you. You supply the changes to us and we implement it into your website. Not happy with your current hosting? We can also take your complete website management.